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Hazel English

You Need to Know |HAZEL ENGLISH

Hazel English, an Australian singer based in Oakland, came to my attention with the release of her song “It’s Not Real", which is an “ode to staying...
Surfer Blood | Photo: Jimmy Shirley

Surfer Blood at Blue Point Toasted Tour

Surfer BloodSurfer Blood closed out the Blue Point Toasted Tour this past Saturday in Tampa, FL. This was one of my favorite shows I've...


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Darrell Simms – The Gardens

I was at a party in Miami Gardens until a fight broke loose and then shots started to get fired. I story tell throughout...
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Sociopathic Freedom Pop – Disco

This Trio met in France (Ms. Goldsponge, the singer, met Cantin, guitarist, opening his show in Nice mid-tour). After playing guitars together until the...